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1. A Poolplay match consists of 3-games against the same opponent.

2. A Playoff match is best 2-out-of-3 games against the same opponent.

3. Games are played to 25 points (a two point margin is not required).

4. The 3rd game of a match may be shortened do to time restraints.


1. The forfeiting team must pay the official’s fee for both teams ($28).

2. A team must have a minimum of 4-player (1 female) at the posted start time.

3. If a team is not present at the start time, that team will forfeit the first game.

After 15 minutes, that team will forfeit the match.

4. The forfeiting team will be charged with a match loss (0-3).

COED TEAMS2020-03-30T16:38:59+00:00

A female must touch the ball if there are two or more contacts with the ball.

1. 6-Person Team: at least 3 players need to be female.

2. 5-Person Team: at least 2 players need to be female (exception: see Playoffs #3).

3. 4-Person Team: at least 1 player needs to be female (exception: see Playoffs #3).

4. 3-Person Team: is not allowed and the team will forfeit the match.


1. Players that are on the team-roster may be substituted into the game whenever the ball is not in play.

2. Using a player from another team must be approved by the Official.

3. Player may not advance in the rotation when reentering the game.


1. Player must be on the team-roster.

2. Player must have played on that team on two separate nights.

3. Coed: If a team has 2 females and 3 males the “Ghost Rule” will be in effect.

(3 Females and 2 males = no Ghost Rule) (4-person team: 2 females and 2 males= no Ghost rule)

Ghost Rule: A Ghost player or empty space will rotate around the court. When the Ghost player rotates to serve, the last female server will serve again and go back to her spot in rotation.


1. All players must complete the team-roster.

2. Player may be added to the team-roster during the course of the regular season.

3. Approval from the Official is necessary in order to add a player from another team in a different division.

GENERAL RULES (New rules and rules for the most common questions)2020-03-30T13:51:21+00:00

1. The ball may touch the net on the serve.

2. A double-contact is allowed on the first contact.

3. The block does not count as a team contact.

4. The ball may be played with any part of the body.

5. Player may not interfere with the other team’s attempt to play the ball.

Example: A player may not place their hand at the net to deflect the ball.

6. Player may step on the center line under the net. Player may not step into the opponent’s court without having contact with the center line.

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