League Fees

$280 per Team 

$15 paid to the official each match

Leagues Offered
Co-Ed – Monday – Huntington Beach (Advanced & Intermediate Levels)

Co-Ed – Monday -Tustin (Intermediate Levels)

Co-Ed – Tuesday – Garden Grove (Intermediate Levels)

Reverse Co-Ed – Tuesday – Garden Grove (Intermediate Levels)

Co-Ed – Wednesday – Fountain Valley (Intermediate Levels)

Women’s – Wednesday – Huntington Beach (Advanced Levels)

Co-Ed – Thursday – Fountain Valley (Advanced & Intermediate Levels)

Women’s – Sunday – Tustin (Advanced Levels)

Leagues are offered on various nights of the week at different locations for advanced to intermediate players.   We evaluate all new teams and place them in a division that best suits that team’s ability level.

Leagues normally run 9-11 weeks (8-matches minimum).  If your team signs up for a Monday league, you will only be scheduled to play on Mondays at that same location.  Each night your team will play 3 games against another team in your division.  Games are played to 25 points using rally scoring (approximately 1 hour).  A team’s win-loss record during pool play is used to seed that team into the league playoffs.  The winning team of each division is awarded championship t-shirts.  Scheduled starting times will rotate weekly between 6:30pm, 7:30, 8:30 & 9:30pm.

The ball touching the net on a serve is allowed.  Double contact on the first ball over and serve receive with the hands is allowed.  In Coed 6-person, a female must touch the ball if there are two or more contacts made before the ball goes over the net.  The block does not count as a touch.

The league fees are $280 per team.  In addition, each team must pay the official $15 each night. The manager usually collects an equal share from each player at the beginning of the season pays the league fee and then pays referee fees each week.

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